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Tpiper08 2 months ago

Pesto Chicken Pizza

This pizza was delicious with the pesto sauce and the seasoned chicken. The tomatoes add a very sweet taste to the pizza to keep it interesting!

Sylwia 2 months ago

Crispy Calamari

Best calamari in town!

Paulaquan 3 months ago

Burrito Enchilada

First, I ordered this on take out. The efficiency was excellent to pick up. There was 7 cars in front of me and I think it only took me 10 mins from when I arrived to departure. The Food - extremely large portion so much so I could only eat half. The left over was eaten the next night and I believe was even better the second night. The staff was so nice and friendly. I love this restaurant and was pleased they were open for takeout during, Sheltering in Place orders were mandated. I feel it is so important we support our local small business, I hope everyone is doing the same. I will be one of the firsts standing in line when the doors reopen! Thanks to the entire team at The Tap! Paula

Jim 3 months ago

Lamb Pops*

Take out during these crazy days of "social distancing" has been great every time we've been by. The menu is just as delicious at our own table as it is in the restaurant. Lamb pops, calamari, and the Tap House Burger are family favorites!

Santinodisanto 3 months ago

Beef Short Rib

My wife and I ordered take out and the food was amazing and the service was excellent. The short rib was so tender and juicy and my wife's steak was cooked to perfection. I pulled up and right away received my food and dessert by a really nice gentleman. Really love this local spot and will continue to order from there.

Kmjb11111 3 months ago

Sea Bass

Had the seabass twice so good my husband loves the lamb chops hamburgers are great. Never had anything we didn't like. crab cakes so good LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT TAP HOUSE AND THE STAFF IS GREAT 👍

Bsten1010 3 months ago

Turkey Meatballs

Excellent dish! The risotto was the best! I had the butter cake and pistachio gelato for dessert. It was the perfect meal!

Beccahaskin27 3 months ago

Lamb Pops*

This is literally one of my favorite dishes in all of phoenix. The lamb is seasoned and cooked perfectly every time. It melts in your mouth! If I could eat these everyday, I absolutely would.

Mike 3 months ago


Very good meal for lunch.

Massone 4 months ago

THK Wings

Ive had a lot of things on the menu, I love this place! The wings are fantastic, very meaty and the sauce is perfectly spicy. The burger is juicy and flavorful but what makes it is the cubed bacon sprinkled on top of the patty The lamp pops are amazing. They have a very unique sauce that pairs very well The spaghetti a la vodka is delicious and has a twist on the traditional penne a la vodka. I could go on and on about basically the entire menu but those are a few highlights

Rach 4 months ago

Street Tacos

The place visually is amazing. I love the lighting fictures. My waitress was so friendly, easy going and felt like i had known her a while. Made me so comfortable. I wish i had gotten her name to leave a good review on her. The food was amazing. I ordered street tacos, the avocado was amazing and the tacos were perfection. I loved the taco holders they were served in. My boyfriend got the sliders and they looked amazing! The buns have a beautiful glaze to them. French fries are the best ive had! Huge fan of those. my new favorite place hands down. I will recommend to friends and family. Thank you tap house! I was not let down :)

Sharonkoshy68 4 months ago

Taphouse Signature Burger*

My coworkers and I come here for lunch all the time. The Taphouse burger is one of the best in Scottsdale, but the sides are truly life-changing. The Mac and cheese is so creamy and the crunch from the breadcrumbs really bring something unique to the dish. And their fries.....ugh so perfectly seasoned and crispy. Both are a must-have with any entree. The cocktails are also very refreshing and not too sweet, can't go wrong with any on them. To top it all off, the service has been marvelous every time we come here. I've never been able to pick a favorite restaurant but this just might be it!

Kayo888 4 months ago

THK Fish & Chips

Amazing Walleye Fish and Chips--in the desert, no less. Just fabulous. The pepperoni pizza is also better than most. Also, if you judge a place by its restrooms, this one is 10 stars.

Ehrenreichjulie 4 months ago

Taphouse Signature Burger*

I was there tonight with my two sons. I had the burger and it was really good! The toppings on it really compliment the burger and the hand cut fries were really great also!

Kelsey 5 months ago

Eggs Benedict*

The eggs Benedict is SO good. The avocado is a great extra flavor!! A great family restaurant. Sundays you see your church groups, families and football fans; the atmosphere works so well for all!

Tleahy 5 months ago

THK Fish & Chips

Delicious! being from Cleveland, hard to find Walleye out here will be back for sure!

Charlotte 5 months ago

House Salad

These are the best lamb pops ever. In fact all the food I have had there is exceptional. Although we like their happy hour too.

Jasmineflower46 5 months ago

6 oz. NY Steak*

I always order the steak on top of the Caesar salad and's the best steak ever. The first time I had it, I told the waitress that I wanted to marry who ever cooked it. She laughed but I wasn't joking. I ordered it again the next time I dined there and I was thinking there was no way it could be that good twice. But, it was. I've been back a few times since and I keep meaning to try something different. But, the steak calls my name. Every. Single. Time!

Tpiper08 5 months ago


These are absolutely my favorite dish! The seasoning on the meet blends so well with the rest of the dish. The cole slaw is a perfect blend of traditional cole slaw with a kick of spicy to really remind you that you are in the valley.

Charlotte 5 months ago

Lamb Pops*

Get them med. these are AWESOME !!! Best dish ever. Also the Brussel Sprouts are very good as well!! Just a very good place to eat. My favorite place to eat. Please give it a try.

4pericade 2 months ago

Applewood Smoked Bacon

Love this burger! It's cooked perfectly every time-juicy and full of flavor!

Lindly1907 2 months ago

Burger Salad

Seamless ordering and drive through pickup. Food is always great!

Cateckenrode 3 months ago

Burger Salad

Service is awesome and so friendly! Great selection of beer served cold. The burger is always cooked perfectly and the fries are the best in Phoenix. Alice is our favorite!

Smaorac 3 months ago

Shrimp Mac-N-Cheese

Excellent, Just tried and wonderful for a Mac-Cheese lover

Videolady5 3 months ago

Jumbo Pretzel

The BEST pretzel ever, and the cheese sauce is excellent!

Grambo971 3 months ago

Lamb Pops*

My son and I both ordered this with the mac and cheese. This is our favorite. The lamb was perfectly cooked the way we like it and the mac and cheese was excellent. Our server was well informed which also made it very inviting and the atmosphere is welcoming.

Bernayou52 3 months ago

Pepperoni Americano Pizza

Great tasting, good crust, great price, flavorful. Would order it again. We did curbside pickup, easy to do the staff was very friendly. Thank you

Andrewmarioni 3 months ago

Crispy Calamari

Love their calamari and wings. It's a great snack with a pint or two for happy hour.

Trogers36 3 months ago

Meatballs & Risotto

we live in the neighborhood and walk here once or twice a month. Very vibrant, clean modern decor with a cool bar and very nice friendly employees. We've not had a bad meal here and have tried lots of items for both brunch and dinner. The pizzas are great and they are currently running a nice special. My favorite dinner item so far are the meatballs and Risotto. So juicy and tender and tons of flavor, and risotto is rich and creamy. Sometimes my wife and I will spit this one as on top of a couple pints and a salad, it's quite filling. The quality of the food in this place is commensurate with the price. More than the sports bar across the street but much better, and the beer selection is great and rotates some. This place is worth putting on your regular list. Try it , you'll like it

Fawcett7 4 months ago

Lamb Pops*

These lamb pops are relish!!!

Jimanthonychavez 4 months ago

Cashew Chicken Salad Sandwich

This was our first time visiting the Tap House. My partner and I were driving by and thought let's give this place a try. The atmosphere and views to the south are amazing! We asked are waitress what she recommends for lunch. She was very knowledgeable of the lunch menu. She recommended the Cashew Chicken Salad Sandwich and the pretzel for an appetizer. Omg everything was amazing! The pretzel was the softest and most delicious pretzel ever. The honey mustard dipping sauce was unbelievable! The Cashew Chicken salad had grapes, chunks of chicken. The bread was delicious. The chicken was tender, the dressing on the sandwich was delicious and very fresh. The sandwich tasted as it was just made and fresh. Definitely going back for dinner. Don't mess out on this wonderful addition to the North Valley! We will be regulars! Thank you for the wonderful lunch and service!

Loridstevenson 4 months ago

Rock Shrimp Pasta*

The Tap House at 32nd Street and Shea is our FAVE! The service is always great, and the food... we've yet to try something we dislike. I love the rock shrimp pasta but there are so many other items we love as well. My husband loves the spaghetti ala vodka, and we both also enjoy the sea bass as well. I recommend trying this amazing neighborhood restaurant. We go almost every weekend now!

Ehrenreichjulie 4 months ago

Roasted Harissa Hummus

Great appetizer! The hummus is very good and fresh. It is served with some veggies- I wish there were a bit more and some flatbread (or pitas).

Torquetoolkb 4 months ago

Carmelized Pork Belly and Crispy Brussel Sprouts

Excellent starter! Have had this almost every time I visit and is always good. If you have never tried it put it on your list to try.

Plavia777 5 months ago

Taphouse Sliders

It was delicious!

Mxking 5 months ago

Meatballs & Risotto

Outstanding lunch. I'd eat these everyday if I and my weight could deal with it!!! I shall return!

Mxking 5 months ago

Turkey Meatballs

So good, I'm going back today for more!

Kwalls09 5 months ago

Pastrami Hash*

My sister brought us to Taphouse after my nephew's baptism. I love pastrami, and as a risk, ordered this dish. It was AMAZING! So savory, and not too heavy either. My dad was very jealous of my meal choice and I was so happy I took the adventurous route!

Susan 5 months ago

THK Fish & Chips

The 'fish fry everyday, baby' is a favorite for years. Consistently good Walleye fish that is perfectly prepared. The fries are addicting. Service is always friendly and efficient. They work to get us the tables we like and are good with reservations.

Rhondatank 6 months ago

Burger Salad

Cooked to perfection! Always a favorite!