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Jmnickel05 about 15 hours ago

Jalapeño Pepper Jack Tater Tots

Oh my goodness! Does it get any better the perfect amount of crisp with heat to knock your socks off. This dish is one of my favorites and I must have when ordering anything off the menu. Great startOh my goodness! Does it get any better the perfect amount of crisp with heat to knock your socks off. This dish is one of my favorites and I must have when ordering anything off the menu. Great starter and has a little bit of everything to make it the perfect savory and heat dish. The pepper jack cheese is perfect. Okey gooey goodness!!!

Kmjb11111 6 days ago

Beef Short Rib

Very hard to pick only 1 dish my husband and I come at least twice a month think I've tried everything on the menu burger, pizza, chicken and dumplings steak, lamb chops, meatballs, pork belly brussel sprouts, salads just a few to mention really love the food . The service is wonderful also everyone is so friendly.

Jcrognstad 11 days ago

THK Wings

Without question he best value of any wings in the neighborhood. These wings a meaty and come with a wonderful blue cheese! You can't beat this happy hour!

Warrenhannah5 12 days ago

Burger Salad

Stopped in for lunch at the Phoenix location. I was really craving a salad, so I asked the bartender which her favorite was. She recommended the Burger Salad. It did not disappoint! The burger was wonderfully seasoned and the dressing complimented the greens nicely. I also enjoyed a few IPA beers which are my favorite. I will definitely be back to enjoy more delicious items on the menu.

Senswk12 15 days ago

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake

The crab cake was very very mouth watering and so good. The presentation was on point along with the service. Also the lamp chops.. make you want to smack your momma.. so good

Kitt 20 days ago

6 oz. NY Steak*

This steak was amazing with the truffle oil and potatoes! One of the best I have ever had. I will be coming back soon to enjoy again.

Robertacostello1 26 days ago

Lamb Pops*

Love, love, your Lamp Pops..... I travel cross town for these Lamb Pops. Perfectly seasoned, medium rare, tender and full of flavor. Add some sides and you have a wonderful dinner. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Musclemama09 about 1 month ago

Sea Bass

Service was superb! Dinner was delicious! Dessert was amazing! Our party of eight had a GREAT TIME! We will be back soon!

Arizonasheehan about 2 months ago

Lamb Pops*

Let me start by saying the Tap House is not just good beer and cocktails, it's also a fabulous food experience! I have been to the Scottsdale location on several occasions so I was very excited to see what the new Phoenix location has to offer. They have done a commendable job on the decor. This place definitely has its own identity while not leaving behind the key features we should expect in a Tap House location. On this particular visit the large glass doors were open providing a comfortable evening temperature and the live music was sounding fabulous. Special shoutout to Kyndra- it's impossible to find a better bartender. She's extremely knowledgeable, hilarious yet charming. She's so passionate about the food served here and the way she was describing the food items, we were amused! Her energy is contagious! At the Tap House Scottsdale location my strong recommendation is the Salmon Salad which I loved to the core! For this most recent visit to the Phoenix location, it is the delicious Lamb Pops that I want the world to know about. Lamb is an oft-overlooked dinner option that I think should be on everyone's table more often. The Lamb Pops are grilled lamb chops with a jalapeno mint jam. On this visit we landed at the bar for some cocktails and appetizers before moving to our dinner table. The Tap House has a great neighborhood bar and we were greeted by several neighbors as we walked through the bar before meeting with our dinner friends. When we put in our first drink order with Kyndra, I asked for an appetizer suggestion and she suggested the very popular Lamb Pops with a fabulous description and some reassurance of what a great choice we were making, thank goodness! Our Lamb Pops arrived rested but hot, and cooked medium rare. Lamb has a distinctively rich and savory flavor, and while Lamb is fancy enough for a dinner party, these Lamb Pops are also a fantastic appetizer. I was particularly impressed at how the chef seasoned the meat, our lamb was cooked to perfect doneness, with the fat on the meat turning beautifully golden and caramelised. Within minutes, all the Lamb Pops were quickly devoured. The one inch thick chop was filling and everyone remarked how tasty and delicious they were. The jalapeno mint jam provided a great contrast in flavors and was a huge hit. We highly recommend the Lamb Pops at Tap House Kitchen Phoenix location, make this your very first choice and you will not be dissapointed!!

Kurtfix1 about 2 months ago

Hot Pastrami

What an amazing Hot Pastrami sandwich!!!...with pickles and chips...the bomb. This place has some fantastic grub so check out Tap House Kitchen!!!

Lundbyaml about 2 months ago

THK Fish & Chips

My husband and I were so excited to see Walleye on the menu. We make a point of having it every time we go to Minnesota, but were not anticipating that as an option here. The fish and chips were delicious. Flavorful and crisp, as opposed to soggy or bland which is often, unfortunately the case. Love the truffle potatoes as a side too. These extra ingredients worked to specialize each menu option and make them unique. The sweet potato fries were yummy too as was the sweet and sour salad.

Suuzyque about 2 months ago

Jerked Chicken Salad

This salad is so delicious! The chicken is tender and flavorful, and the greens are super fresh. I have a hard time ordering anything else every time I'm here!

Danimagingsol 2 months ago

Pan Seared Salmon*

Live in North Dakota and also have a place in Paradise Valley. When I return to AZ, my first night dinner always includes The Taphouse and salmon! Maybe beer too, but my secret.

Johndyerschool 3 months ago

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake

Beyond Amazing and the shoe string potatoes are bad ass on top. I have had no less than 1 a week since discovering this in my hood. The lamb pops are fabulous and the dinner entrees I have tried are off the scale. The service is really good, second time we went they remembered us and always treat us like family. On my way there now! John Dyer - neighborhood dude and foodie

Jmhartman 3 months ago

Crispy Avocado Tacos

These tacos are delicious!!! I have tried crispy avocado tacos at other restaurants but they were always really bland. Not these ones! They are full of flavor! Just so good!!!!

Tdeneau 3 months ago

Crispy Avocado Tacos

As a vegetarian, it can sometimes be a challenge to find food that is delicious and fits within my lifestyle. These tacos are crispy, creamy and tasty and I pair them with my favorite frozen margarita (one of the best in the valley in my opinion). Yum!!

Kevin 3 months ago

Taphouse Sliders

New to Phoenix. First time at this great spot. Went early on a Saturday and found Happy Hour prices. Ordered 4 appetizers. Crap Cake, Sliders, Fondue and Shrimp Mac & Cheese. More than enough for 2 people. Good Beer selection and Moscow Mule's. Will definitely go back.

Kissiek24 4 months ago

Lamb Pops*

Best Lamb Pops in town! Fun environment and great beers on tap!

Loriweech about 17 hours ago

Pan Seared Salmon*

This is one of my favorite things on the menu! The crust achieved on the salmon is perfectly caramelized and the fish is seasoned just right. The fennel and chimichurri sauce are a perfect accompaniment. I never regret getting this dish!

Nicasiof 6 days ago

Chicken and Dumplings

Had dinner the weekend and had the Chicken & Dumplings. It was fantastic! I loved their twist on the dish.

Bbstokes66 11 days ago

Grilled Cheese*

The grilled cheese breakfast sandwich, along with country potatoes is delicious. I choose it every time I go for brunch and I'm never disappointed!

Barbbearg 12 days ago

Pastrami Hash*

Why do we keep coming every Sunday and ordering the same thing?—because we love it! The greatest service too!,,

Zuzia68 17 days ago

Lamb Pops*

My husband and I live in the neighborhood of Taphouse kitchen at 32nd and Shea and we walked over for dinner in a Saturday night. So fun and great for this area to see our local hangout absolutely packed! And I know why it is packed because the food is amazing. My husband is gluten free and ordered a gluten free beer, pizza you would not know was gluten free and the best lamp chop appetizer we both have ever had! We will come back for the lamb it was cooked perfect medium rare don't need a knife and the flavor with the jalapeño relish. We will be back for sure. I have had happy hour tacos are delicious. I did a to go order a few weeks ago and the salmon salad is so well balanced with flavors it was best! So excited to have Taphouse our local spot will bring friend and family here for sure. Susan and Dave

Warrenhannah5 25 days ago

Jerked Chicken Salad

I have been to Tap House Kitchen a few times now. Every experience I have had has been truly pleasurable. I always come in and sit down at the bar and usually order lunch and have a beer. The service is always exceptional as well as the food. Last time in I ordered the Jerked Chicken Salad. Wonderful dish! I will continue to be a regular here.

Wescurry 27 days ago

Burger Salad

I've tried the entire menu, on separate occasions of course, and I've enjoyed it all. But I find it practically impossible to order anything other than the Burger Salad. It's perfect for lunch or dinner. Never disappoints!

Bethanyahancock about 1 month ago

Charcuterie Board

The perfect snack in a well crafted way!

Aem39120 about 2 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I'm obsessed with this pizza! There's plenty of chicken and the crust is cooked perfectly. It's great to share with an appetizer or enjoy on your own! You can't go wrong with any of the pizza options.

L about 2 months ago

Jerked Chicken Salad

Oh my gosh! This was the best salad I have ever had! Perfect balance of flavors, and the dressings, well, I tried three different kinds, the first one was so good. Delicious...

Raleighhewitt about 2 months ago

Taphouse Signature Burger*

One of the most balanced and tasty burgers I've had. I would come here every day if I could

Johntrusiak about 2 months ago

Cheese Pizza

I love the cheese pizza. Awesome oven you built st the new restaurant to make it

Emma 2 months ago

Turkey Reuben

This turkey reuben sandwich for brunch is so delicious! So simple yet so flavorful- the fresh bun, the smoked turkey, the swiss cheese . Served nice and warm, the perfect comfort sandwich. I loved the delicious house made Taphouse slaw in the sandwich. I cannot wait to order this meal again.

Jmhartman 3 months ago

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

These are always amazing! The peanut sauce in on-point!

S 3 months ago

Roasted Harissa Hummus

So, you think this will be just your average hummus, right? Wrong! This hummus is fabulous. I don't know how they've roasted the ingredients in this dish, but it adds a complex and unique flavor to the hummus itself. Then it's topped with a roasted red pepper mixture, feta cheese, and served with the most delicious pita bread I've ever tasted. You have to try this hummus!

Janellenicole0 3 months ago

Roasted Harissa Hummus

I consider myself a hummus connoisseur, and Tap House hummus is something to write home about! The hummus itself is smooth, and the harissa and cucumbers make it completely delightful. Yum!

Kevin 3 months ago

Stella Artois Beer Cheese Fondue

New to Phoenix. First time at this great spot. Went early on a Saturday and found Happy Hour prices. Ordered 4 appetizers. Crap Cake, Sliders, Fondue and Shrimp Mac & Cheese. More than enough for 2 people. Good Beer selection and Moscow Mule's. Will definitely go back.


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